Comparing Assisted Living Facilities in Plano, TX to Senior Communities

Senior living communities have certain things in common, like private living spaces, prepared meals, and enrichment activities. But they differ in many essential aspects that are typically based on their environments and levels of care. Some offer more independence for self-sufficient residents while others provide the skilled medical services that many older adults benefit from. Assisted living communities in Plano like Prestonwood Court are unique because they also offer comprehensive memory care services on the same properties. This gives residents a sense of security and stability should their needs change. But the term “facility” is sometimes associated with institutional settings – that doesn’t always apply, as you will soon see.

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What is a senior care facility?

When comparing assisted living facilities in Plano TX, you will probably notice that the word “facility” is not used as often as “community.” Bearing that in mind, facility-based senior homes typically focus more on medical support. And depending on the level of care, they might have more team members who are highly trained in specific medical protocols.

About Assisted Living

This is a philosophy of care designed to empower seniors to live life to the fullest. It bridges the gap between independent living and skilled nursing care, providing residents with the freedom to maintain their autonomy while receiving personalized support. Although medical care and help with the activities of daily living (ADL) are prioritized in assisted living communities, these providers also create a sense of community that benefits the residents. There are enriching lifestyle programs and regular social interactions with residents, team members, and visitors.

Memory Care Facilities in Texas

A memory care community, within the context of senior living, is a specialized residential setting designed to provide comprehensive caregiving for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. These secure environments are purposefully structured to meet the unique needs of seniors facing cognitive challenges.

Residents receive personalized assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, medication management, and meals. Texas memory care facilities have trained compassionate team members available around the clock to provide these essential services. The term “secure” is often used instead of “safe” in memory care communities, to emphasize the controlled and protected nature of these settings – the risk of residents wandering or encountering hazards is minimized.

How is a Nursing Facility Different From a Senior Community?

Although the words “facility and “community” are frequently used in place of one another, a nursing facility can be seen as a secure environment where individuals with complex medical needs receive round-the-clock care from licensed healthcare professionals. It is primarily designed for seniors who require constant medical attention, including assistance with daily tasks, medication management, and specialized therapies. In this setting, the focus is on providing skilled nursing care and personal assistance to residents.

A senior living community can offer several lifestyle options and various housing options for older adults, catering to varying levels of support. Senior communities emphasize social engagement, recreational activities, and a sense of belonging while providing assistance with activities of daily living for those who require it.

Still, it’s easy to get misdirected when researching senior homes because of the many different names they go by and all the options out there. One that’s called an assisted living facility might be welcoming and home-like, while a named memory care community could be the opposite of what you need. Your choice should reflect the level of care needed and the best way to find answers is to visit in person, so you can see what they’re like for yourself.


Choosing the Best Living Option For Your Loved One at Prestonwood Court

Whether you are looking into assisted living facilities in Plano TX or memory care for a loved one, Prestonwood Court can provide the option that best suits your needs. Contact us to set up a tour – we’re committed to providing worry-free, resident-first lifestyles and the quality-centered care that your loved one deserves.

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